School Districts Fighting Back

School districts fight backSchool boards and community members around Wisconsin are beginning to fight back against state aid cuts and lost educational opportunities for children. They passed resolutions or issued formal letters asking the Governor and Legislature to reinvest in our public schools.

This statewide action has occurred spontaneously as more and more districts figure out that Governor Scott Walker’s promise of schools being better off under his austerity budget isn’t working. And now, for 2013-15, he proposes to freeze aid for public schools — while increasing funding for private schools.

See below the listing of districts passing resolutions or sending letters of support for school-funding reform to Gov. Walker. Click on the district name to see the resolution or letter and to view media coverage.

School boards are being urged to team up with their teachers, parents, and other members of the community to co-sponsor the resolutions. To find out how your school district can be involved, contact Tom Beebe, project director of Opportunity to Learn-Wisconsin, at 920-650-0525 ( or Jeff Leverich, senior researcher with the Wisconsin Education Association Council, at 608-298-2385 (


Public School Funding Resolutions passed by:

Anti-voucher Resolutions passed by:

News releases or letters of support from other organizations:

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