“Public Education is A Civil Right March and Rally” to be held in Milwaukee on Sept. 21

If you support Wisconsin’s outstanding public schools, Milwaukee might be the place to be on Saturday, Sept. 21, for the second “Public Education is A Civil Right March and Rally.” Or just maybe, your community might want to plan its own event.

Either way, now is the time to stand up for the public schools and public school children in every corner of Wisconsin.

Organizers of the Milwaukee event are looking for support, but they are also more than willing to lend a hand to event to others around the state. Contacts are former Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) principal Richard Cohn, at 414-659-2713 and MPS board director Dr. Tatiana Joseph, at 414-881-3487. IWF will also do what it can to help you plan a local event. Contact Tom Beebe. tbeebe@wisconsinsfuture.org

You can link up with the folks in Milwaukee by joining the march and rally on the group’s Facebook event page.

Marchers will assemble at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, 2300 West Highland Avenue at 11 a.m. and head out across the 16th Street Bridge to Forest Home Avenue School, 1516 West Forest Home Avenue. A rally will being at 1:30 p.m. at Forest Home to proclaim the civil right of every child to a world-class public education.

Students, parents, active and retired educators and school administrators, clergy, civil rights groups and community leaders are organizing the “Public Education is a Civil Right.” The initial event was held in 2011. Sponsors of the march include Parents for Public Schools-Milwaukee; Opportunity to Learn-Wisconsin; Women Committed to an Informed Community; the Wisconsin Alliance of Excellent Schools; teachers’ unions from Milwaukee, Racine, and surrounding communities; Voces de la Frontera; the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future; MICAH; members of the MPS Board of School Directors and other school boards; labor unions; and dozens of other organizations, elected officials and community leaders (sponsor list updated as of Sept. 15).

Again, any organization, group, school board, or union from anywhere in the state is invited to take part in the Milwaukee event ….. or to plan an event of its own. Let Mr. Cohn or Dr. Joseph know and your name will be added to the list of sponsors.

March participants and rally speakers will showcase aspects of quality public education that students have lost or risk losing from massive cuts in public school spending since 2011. Organizers are demanding that officials:

  • • Fully fund public schools to provide a world-class education for every student in Wisconsin’s public schools.
  • • Keep locally elected school board members and a strong taxpayer voice in school governance.
  • • Stop the move to for-profit schools and privatization of public education.
  • • Hold all schools that receive public tax dollars, including voucher schools, accountable to the law, taxpayers, parents, and children.
  • • Require quality physical infrastructure for all schools throughout Wisconsin.

The march and rally will include school drum lines, sports teams, walking art shows, award-winning students, and teachers. Again, don’t be shy. Contact the event organizers and get your school or organization involved. Use your imagination but make sure you stand up for quality public education.

The public is invited to participate in this free event. Lunch will be available for purchase from food trucks at the end of the march. Organizers will provide water along the route. Transportation will also be available for those who cannot walk the entire three-mile march route.


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